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Professional Landscaping
Northeast Wisconsin - Green Bay, Fox Valley, Townsend area

Shadian Landscaping is one of the premier landscaping companies in the Green Bay metro area. Our services include landscape design, installation, softscapes, hardscapes, decorative concrete curbing, lawn mowing/maintenance, debris removal and snow removal.  Please do contact us to learn about our full line of services.  We also offer a variety of other services that may not be listed above.  Our experienced landscapers guarantee clean, professional and prompt service.


Shadian Landscaping is a certified, professional landscaping company that has been serving the Green Bay area for nearly 20 years. We serve both residential and commercial properties, including: municipal, institutional, agicultural and everything from a small residential to multi-million dollar properties. 

Shadian Landscaping is fully insured and offers a wealth of experience and expertise.

Shadian Landscaping - Northeast Wisconsin, Green Bay, Fox Valley and Townsend Area
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